Islip, New York

The Town of Islip, population 330,543 (2018), is located in Suffolk County on the south shore of Long Island, approximately 50 miles east of Manhattan. The town was incorporated in 1683 and is home to 26 properties in the National Register of Historic Places including two vintage sailing sloops and the Fire Island Light Station. This town was an early adopter of TDR, establishing its historic preservation program and TDR mechanism in 1975. Article XLI Planned Landmark Preservation Overlay District (68-447 – 68-455), aims to safeguard Islip’s historic, scenic, and cultural heritage. This ordinance allows the Town Board to modify the zoning ordinance to permit the transfer of development rights from one lot to another within a Planned Landmark Preservation Overlay District in order to preserve a landmark as long as the transfer does not adversely impact the overlay district or adjacent lots.