Marathon, Florida

The City of Marathon, with a population of over 10,000, is located on thirteen islands in the middle portion of the Florida Keys in Monroe County. Marathon is a center of sport fishing and its reefs are very popular for snorkeling and diving. The City contains some well-preserved natural areas and supports a wide variety of bird species including the burrowing owl. Marathon’s TDR program is designed to preserve wildlife habitat.

Sending sites must be Class I habitat and identified on the City’s Habitat and Species maps. The residential density available for transfer is determined by the amount of development that could occur on site. An owner can transfer some or all of the available density.

Receiving sites may not be classified as Class I habitat. Each proposed site is evaluated for viability of increased development by considering infrastructure, environmental suitability and land uses in the surrounding area. Prior to issuance of building permits for a receiving site project, a deed of transfer must be recorded on the sending property limiting future development of the site by the number of development rights transferred. A warranty deed must also be recorded on receiving site documenting the transfer.