Osceola County, Florida

Osceola County, population 375,751 (2019), is located just south of Orlando, Florida surrounding the City of Kissimmee, the county seat and largest city. Tourism is a major component of the county’s economy given Disney World and other nearby attractions. However, the county has retained many ranches and citrus groves, and the county is studded with lakes, wetlands, and other significant natural areas.  

In 2007, Osceola County adopted a comprehensive plan with the goal of using TDC to preserve farmland, natural areas, and open space as well as create greenbelts between cities and developments throughout the unincorporated portions of the county. The code section that subsequently implemented this plan specified that the TDC program requires developers to use TDC when they build at densities below minimum densities as well as above without-TDC maximum densities. The code did not result in any transfers as of 2011.

The TDR code section that exists as of 2020 (Article 2.9) aims to protect agricultural land, preserve the historic heritage and reduce/eliminate incompatible uses near military facilities. Receiving areas include unincorporated land within the Urban Growth Boundary and sites established through interlocal agreements within adjacent counties or the incorporated cities of Osceola County.