Port Richey, Florida

Port Richey, Florida, population 2,869 (2018), lies on the Gulf of Mexico 30 miles north of Tampa. In 2006, the city adopted a TDR ordinance aimed at preserving environmentally-sensitive land. 

Sending areas with wetland habitat can transfer development potential at rates designated in the comprehensive plan; if the plan does not designate a rate, transfers can occur at the rate of one unit per acre for residential land or FAR 0.5 for commercial/industrial land use designations. Sending areas with upland habitat can transfer development potential at rates designated by the future land use map. Owners who choose to participate record permanent conservation easements on the sending site and transfer the resulting TDRs via a recorded document approved by the city attorney. 

Transferred development potential can increase the density/intensity of receiving sites up to the maximum density/intensity depicted on the future land use map or may exceed that standard and achieve density/intensity up to the maximum found in the original ordinance under certain conditions. The city may grant a density bonus of up to one dwelling unit per acre to projects providing low- to moderate-income housing.